These people will be blogging 2666 for the third episode of Infinite Summer.

JEFF ANDERSON is a writer and copy editor; he’s also a quilter, an incessant reader, a sometime musical ambassador to Cuba, and a member of that very exclusive elite: the 150 Jeopardy! contestants who lost to Ken Jennings. He’s excited to be blogging as a Zombie for this book, instead of alongside at his own place like he did with Infinite Jest. He lives in Los Angeles with his husband.

STEVE BRASSAWE previously worked as a trial lawyer. His license has never been suspended nor has he been disbarred. Nonetheless, he currently lives in Mexico, a country about which he knows nothing. Steve currently works full time without pay on the novel 2666 by Roberto Bolaño and migrates among discussions of that novel on the internet offering opinions that contradict each other.

DARYL L.L. HOUSTON signed on to blog Infinite Jest for the original installment of Infinite Summer and had so much fun doing it that he decided to stick around and blog Dracula as well. Now he’s here yet again to write from time to time about 2666. He has worked as a pig farmer, roller coaster driver, and copy editor and now pulls levers and knobs as a computer programmer in Knoxville, Tenn.

MADAME PSYCHOSIS is an editorial assistant who works in children’s publishing. Crushed that she missed the group read of one of her favorite books, Infinite Jest, she has been rejuvenated by the opportunity to become a 2666 Zombie. She prefers to spend all her time reading (both children and adult books), but also enjoys spending time with her handsome dog Henry and the movie Fletch.

JOAN SBERRO started blogging with Infinite Zombies for the Dracula read and is excited to be back for 2666.  She lives with a couple of retired greyhounds in Orlando, FL where after years of non-profit arts fundraising she changed paths and now works for a large international corporation (no, not that one, there are other things in Orlando).  A self avowed opera fiend she often annoys the dogs by playing Wagner at a high volume.

WEB WEBSTER is a copywriter from Franklin, Tennessee.  Interests, distractions and short-term passions include medium-format photography, breaking stuff, reading, camping, knitting, playing Facebook Scabble, over-using semi-colons, and writing. At the end of the day, he is blessed to be able to come home to an amazing wife, two offspring and his dinner, waiting for him.  And it’s still hot.

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