Mount Chicago

Hey, friends. It’s been a while! I’m not here to announce a new group read (I just don’t have time or energy for it these days), but I did want to share the word about Bubblegum author Adam Levin’s new book, Mount Chicago. I picked up a copy this weekend from my local bookstore and am eager to dip into it after finishing up one or two of the books I’ve currently got going.

As some readers of this blog played along during our group read of Bubblegum, I wanted to share the news of Levin’s new book as a probable read-of-interest.

Consider listening to Levin’s interview for Concavity Show too.

A Chat with the Author

I’ve reached out to Levin and asked if he’d be willing to engage with our little Infinite Zombies community somehow, and in fact he is. This is pretty neat, as we’ve always read dead people before, and here we have an opportunity to chat directly with the author.

On July 2 at 8pm Eastern, I’ll host a Zoom call in which Levin will read a selection from Bubblegum and then field questions.

I’ll share the Zoom link in a comment the day of the event on this post, via the @infinitezombies Twitter account, and in an event I’ll create on the IZ Facebook page. So, get Zoom on your phone or computer and I’ll hope to see you at the first ever live IZ event. If you do think you’ll be able to make it, I’d love to hear from you so that I can get an idea of whether it’ll wind up being just me awkwardly asking Levin about the weather after I run out of simpleton questions about punctuation and the anxiety of influence or whether we’ll have a pretty good turnout.

I don’t plan to record the event. I don’t like being recorded myself and don’t feel comfortable asking others to let me record them to memorialize their off-the-cuff comments forever on the internet.

I’m really looking forward to meeting a few IZ folks face-to-face and of course am also curious what selection Levin’ll choose to read and eager to be part of what (if the prior event is any indication) I imagine’ll be a pretty neat conversation.