Welcome to the summer of Infinite Zombies

I posted a few notes over the past several days on the Infinite Summer official page and Facebook page seeking writers for a group blog about the project and got a solid response.  Four writers are listed already on the About page, and three more are confirmed.  It looks like we’re going to have an interesting group with a variety of academic, reading, writing and professional backgrounds, and I’m looking forward to diving into the fray.

Here’s how the site will work:

  • Over the next week and a half, the Infinite Zombies bloggers will introduce themselves and get acquainted with each other and the readers.  We’ll discuss books, authors, what we’re doing this summer, and why each of us decided to read and blog our experiences reading Infinite Jest this summer.
  • On Friday, June 26, the group will begin discussing the first 63 pages of Infinite Jest.
  • Each week through mid-September, the discussion will progress through the book according to the schedule provided by Infinite Summer.

That’s it.

I’m hoping for a lively, spirited discussion about Infinite Jest, the themes of the book, the experience of reading it, the experience of group reading it, and observations about each other’s observations about Infinite Jest, the themes of the book, the experience of reading it, etc.  Keep your fingers crossed that we all get to the end of the book!

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.  If you’re reading along, give us a shout in the comments.

Happy reading!

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