IS gives IZ a shoutout

I looked at the hit traffic for Infinite Zombies this morning and noticed a sharp uptick coming from the mother ship.  Yesterday’s Infinite Summer roundup links us and says:

At Infinite Zombies, five writers intend to chronicle their reading of the book in a format they describe as “part book club, part Fight Club.”

Thanks for the mention, IS!  (Also, Infinite Zombies now has seven bloggers.)

If you’re visiting us for the first time and notice there’s not much talk about IJ yet, come back often.  We’ll be following the same spoiler rules that IS outlined here, so there won’t be any book-specific posts until next Friday, June 26, when IS lifts the cover off the first 63 pages of IJ.  In the mean time, several of our bloggers will be writing about their previous DFW reading experiences and other topics.

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