Well, today is the official start.  And I am, for the moment at least, ahead of the game.  I’m on page 83, but I stopped at 63 and made a lot of notes for this Friday’s blog posts (I’ve been using Evernote for that, tagging each note “infsum”).  I didn’t see any other way that I wouldn’t inadvertently reveal something past the agreed upon spoiler marks.  (I’ve already started a new note for Monday’s page goal.)  But my notes at this point are too verbose for regular blog posts.  I’ll have to compress them down, chopping out a lot of the summarizing that will be good for me–later, when I start to get confused about where I’ve been–but won’t be very enlightening here.  I’ll have time to do that, I think.  I’ve been a bit obsessed at the moment with reading ahead, as I’m sure to fall behind and really don’t want to play catch up for three months.

So far, I’m really enjoying the novel.  It’s challenging (even taxing) in places.  But, on the whole, it’s solidly entertaining.  DFW throws in enough humor and suggestion of things to come to keep me happily chewing through his prose.  It’s not, so far, the most difficult or challenging book I’ve been subjected to (or, in some cases, have subjected myself to).  And that’s a relief.  And there are rewards at every turn:  a novel turn of phrase here, a darkly comic situation there, a scrap of esoteric knowledge, nice little references to what’s gone on before, etc.

I’m looking forward to comparing thoughts about IJ with all of you, and with the growing crowd of people joining the IS project.  Onward!

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