I posted this to wallace-l and to the Facebook group for Infinite Summer, but I haven’t pimped it here yet, so I thought I’d cut to a commercial interruption and promote a little Facebook app I wrote to go along with this summer’s reading. Once you authorize the app, you just enter your page count whenever you’ve read a few pages, and it updates your wall with your page count and the (rough, based on 981 pages) percentage completion you’ve managed. That’s it. Nothing fancy. Just a way to have something like semi-public accountability (if you’re into that) and possibly to attract the attention of friends who might not otherwise even really know about Infinite Jest or Infinite Summer. I reap no benefit or anything from this (well, the wall post does link back to this blog and to the main Infinite Summer page, but I mean that I’m not raking in dough over it or anything); I just did it for fun. Now back to your regularly scheduled programming. I’m sitting on a post about Renaissance drama and Infinite Jest that’s sure to bore you to tears.

One thought on “Plug

  1. James Martin August 13, 2009 / 3:23 pm

    Just installed it and used it to record my current progress. Nice work, Daryl.

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