Nobody seems to be able to get any info out of the Infinite Summer organizer re the proposed reading of 2666. Organizing such a group read is a lot of work, so it’s hard to blame the guy for letting it drop, if in fact that’s what has happened. Several members of the bolano-l mailing list are chomping at the bit to do a group read, though, so if you’re interested, you might want to consider joining that list. Dates don’t seem to be finalized just yet. Somebody has proposed a January 16 start date (proposed schedule here), and I think somebody else has proposed January 23. Still others are suggesting that we hold out a little bit longer to see if Infinite Summer comes through. Matt Bucher (of wallace-l fame and also the founder of bolano-l) runs the bolanobolano blog and has said he’ll coordinate something there if nothing materializes at the IS blog soon. Once I know that anything’s formalized, I’ll post an update. Anybody who wants to sign up as an official 2666 blogger here and hasn’t mentioned it already in one of my prior calls for posters, please leave a comment.

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