Facebook Tracker

For the first installment of Infinite Summer, I wrote a little Facebook app that allowed people to track their progress and have their page count and percentage complete show up in their Facebook streams. Infinite Summer proper seems to have gone AWOL, but I’ve updated the Facebook app to accommodate multiple books and have added 2666 to the list. I’ve also enhanced the little story that gets posted to the wall by adding a thumbnail of the book in question and links back here and to the web site for the book in question (in this case, http://bolanobolano.com). Basically it’s a way to annoy most of your Facebook friends by littering their news feed with information about your reading. But maybe you’re into that. If so, you can check out the app here. Note that in order for it to post stories to your wall, there’s a link you have to click within the app giving it explicit permission to do so. If you don’t do this, it still tracks your status privately within the app, but you don’t get to annoy your friends.